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Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

Discover the allure of Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, where panoramic vistas and unparalleled spaces await, offering a sprawling canvas upon which to paint your perfect Wedding in Istanbul.

Within the walls, a world of possibilities unfurls as you weave together the tapestry of your dreams. It offers a diverse array of venues that serve as a playground for your imagination, each waiting to be adorned according to your vision. From the ethereal allure of romance to the timeless charm of classic, and from the understated elegance of minimalism to the opulent grandeur of extravagance – the choice is yours to make.

Whether you’re crafting an intimate gathering or orchestrating a lavish celebration, it provides the ideal space to breathe life into your event.

Venue & its capacity :

It offers an elegant Panoramic terrace-240 guests & Conrad ballroom-650 guests.

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