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Salle des Etoiles

Best place to host royal weddings in Monaco at Salle des Etoiles. For extraordinary wedding ceremonies with several guests, the majestic Salle des Etoiles would be the most fitting venue.

In fact, the place also hosts concerts and prestigious sporting events. The views from this hall’s wide panes open up to the bay; it can’t get more spectacular than this!

If you want to have a masquerade ball or host customs which need a lot of space, this venue will be the most suitable. Additionally, the ceilings here come with a touch of modernity, where one can see thousands of tiny LED lights glittering. Further, this Monaco wedding venue can hold up to 950 guests at a time.

Its unique architecture also allows for a fireworks display for exceptional celebrations. It is the Best Venue for Large-Scale Monaco weddings.

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