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Nestled gracefully within the charm of Bodrum, the Macakizi resort exudes an aura of sophistication and subtlety. Its name, Turkish for “Queen of Spades,” resonates with the local Aegean symbolism of intelligence and beauty – two qualities that define this chic haven in abundance. Conveniently positioned a mere 45-minute drive away from Bodrum airport, Macakizi unveils its breathtaking panorama, overlooking the enchanting turquoise waters of the Aegean, while being gently embraced by the encompassing hills.

Gently embraced by the glistening waves of the ocean, complemented by the breathtaking hues of a setting sun, and embellished with the lively burst of bougainvillea blossoms, Macakizi emerges as an idyllic haven for commemorating the Wedding in Bodrum.

Here, serenity mingles with the embrace of the Mediterranean breeze, creating an oasis of warmth during the cooler months. The pavilion’s glass-enclosed space, adorned with a backdrop of a serene pool, sets the stage for intimate culinary experiences by the fireplace, private events, and captivating art events. This space encapsulates the very essence of Macakizi’s allure – a place where sophistication meets tranquility in perfect harmony.

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