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Bellasombra House
You are greeted into Bellasombra house by the beauty and tranquillity along with the fragrance of citrus, lavender, and herbs of the Gardens. Isn’t this a magical place for your destination wedding in Seville? It’s a perfect place to host unforgettable events as you are surrounded by the enchanting style of garden escape.
Wedding venues in Bellasomra House :
  • The scented garden has a capacity of  75 guests.
  • The formal garden has a capacity of 100 guests.
  • the Magnolia Court capacity of 200 guests.
  • The green capacity of 250 guests.
  • The indoor lounge and dining have  – Capacity of 100 guests.
  • The ombu capacity of 350 guests.
  • The Wisteria retreat with a capacity of 100 guests.
All things considered, the overall capacity of Bellasombra house is 100 guests inside and 250 guests outside. It has 2 wonderful suites, well equipped, and Apartments for stays.
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