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Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa

One of the best wedding venues in Singapore is Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa, couples have the option of keeping their wedding within a setting that is unrivaled. 

This premium venue is perched atop a cliff amongst lush green surroundings. Sofitel  Sentosa Resort & Spa’s distinctive themes will prepare you for the most magnificent day of your life. Moreover, their recently refurbished ballrooms offer roomy spaces with a panoramic view of the South China sea.

From an elegant dinner that needs perfect arrangements to a nightly outdoor barbeque party, this vacation resort is a sought-after choice due to its distinctive setting.

You choose between Spice Island Point or Villa du Jardin for romantic dinners. Both venues offer magnificent views for intimate ceremonies- Spice Island provides a splendid view of the South China sea whereas, whereas Villa Du Jardin has its swimming pool and private garden. They uphold their standards of french extravagance and aim to provide the most luxurious amenities.

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