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Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

With elevated sunset landscape and  golden sands, Centara Grand Pattaya is the perfect & elegant setting for your Weddings in Pattaya.

This resort offers its guests everything: two gigantic cliffs connected by bridges, a cavern that reveals a jungle with waterfalls, and a pathway leading down to the golden sands of Wong Amat Beach in North Pattaya.

This wedding venue in Pattaya is the most preferable venue for barefoot beachfront weddings in Thailand. Followed by an beautiful reception with live entertainment.

Venue Capacity :

  • Mirage Grand Ballroom -three ballrooms combined together for Luxury weddings -1200 guests.
  • Pre Garden – for cocktails with Palm trees-400 guests.
  • Lawn beach-for romantic beach weddings-350 guests.



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