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Mykonos Blu

Mykonos Blu, where an air of exclusivity and allure envelops this remarkable haven nestled by the shores of Psarou Beach. Earning a cult-like reputation, this extraordinary property has become an icon among the glamorous. Frequented by the glitterati and favored by superstars, it stands as a picturesque Cycladic settlement that graces the waterfront. At Mykonos Blu, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re planning a small and cozy celebration or a grand wedding event.

At its heart lies the essence of the trophy hotel concept, with Psarrou as the crown jewel of super prime locations. Mykonos Blu is more than a resort for weddings, it’s a sanctuary of opulence that experiences insatiable demand. The echoes of its history reverberate from the Delos’s antiquities to the luminous trail of its star-studded guests.

Culinary artistry takes center stage at Mykonos Blu, where we revel in the creation of unforgettable dining experiences. From an intimate candlelit dinner for two to a grand Greek wedding reception for a multitude, their culinary team prides itself on crafting menus and libations that reflect your personal preferences and desires. 

Wedding spaces and it’s Capacity :

Psarou Beach venue: up to 170 people 

L’archipel: up to 80 people

Aegean poets: up to130 people 

Ocean path: up to 100 people

Ocean balcony: up to 100 people. 

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