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Museum Hotel - Luxury Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Cappadocia wedding is getting more popular nowadays! Museum Hotel, Luxury Cave Hotel Cappadocia has an impressive perfect boutique wedding place by the Roman pool or on Museum Hotel’s terraces with stunning views over Cappadocia. It’s gonna be an Enchanting wedding!Host your Cappadocia wedding at these Unimaginable venues :
  • Maara Konak can accommodate up to 230 people outside and 140 people inside on the 2 floors. Maara boasts one of the best views in Cappadocia and can host private dining, meetings, boutique weddings, cocktail parties, mini concerts,  and many more.
  • Love Hill, with hard flooring and an opaque marquee, it can accommodate up to 300 people . The perfect setting for unforgettable weddings and marriage celebrations, gala dinners, parties, and concerts.
  •  Loggia is an exquisite private area with a private fireplace, elegant detail, and breathtaking views of Cappadocia stretching out before you. Perfect for special marriage proposals, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations, It can accommodate for up to 20 people.
  • Cavo, A mystical, special space now home to a unique wine collection of the finest wines from Anatolia.Best Suitable for marriage proposals, anniversaries, and sumptuous dining for up to 25 people.
Cappadocia Wedding Venues
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