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Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul, is located at the scenic Bosphorus strait that joins the Asian and European Continents. This 19th-century Ottoman Palace is a testament to the rich Turkish culture and ancient architecture of Istanbul.

Blissful plans finds this hotel really special for its seafront Bosphorus appeal, classy accommodation, and exceptional customer services, which will make your guests happy and give them a comfortable stay. Your destination wedding in Turkey, when organized here, will definitely be an affair to remember. The picturesque location at the Bosphorus makes it apt for varied events like social parties, weddings, receptions, corporate meetings, and congresses. 

This is one of the best wedding venues in Istanbul that will help you get a pre-wedding photoshoot that very few resorts can offer.

Venue & its Capacity :

Four Seasons Hotel offers warm Turkish hospitality and features a staggering 11 different spaces for different functions including 2 grand ballrooms which makes it a perfect venue for destination weddings in Istanbul.

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