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If you’re like most of our Indian clients, you may be overwhelmed by the mammoth task of planning a big fat Indian wedding.

Perhaps you want to have a memorable celebration to cherish for the rest of your life and invite your friends and family to the best wedding they have ever been to.

If so, you’re at the right place. Blissful Plans is a full-service luxury wedding management company, based in the UK and India, operating internationally. We specialise in working with Indian clients and NRIs to help them host traditional ceremonies in the stunning ranges of the Alps or surrounded by turquoise blue seas of Indonesia, to name just a few options.

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In the digital era, people are constantly bombarded with information. This has been the case with many of our clients, leaving them feeling overwhelmed with advice. When it comes to planning and managing a luxury wedding internationally, you may face multiple challenges

These are:

  • Finding an international wedding venue with the capacity to welcome all guests and employ entertainment options of choice
  • Sourcing authentic Indian food with aromatic flavours
  • Communication problems with local suppliers abroad due to cultural and language difficulties, further exacerbated by different time zones and digital communication
  • Destination management companies (DMCs) that will book your venue and hotels, often outsourcing other work to multiple wedding planners causing communication gaps and frustrating confusion

Despite all of these challenges, the bigger questions you are probably facing are:

  • Picture this: An elegant ceremony overlooking the gorgeous landscapes of Tuscany followed by a sunny reception within an expansive Italian vineyard. But how should you manage the logistics seamlessly?
  • How to find the right ingredients abroad and ensure that the biryanis transport you back to the royal kitchens of Lucknow and the rasgullas to the enchanting bylanes of Kolkata with every scrumptious bite?
  • When the haldi ceremony is in full swing and the guests are busy rejoicing, how do you manage the setup of a cosy mehendi corner followed by a frolic-filled sangeet dance night?

You are not the only one overwhelmed by these questions. 

There are thousands of couples asking the same, especially owing to the significance of weddings in Indian cultures. 

Whether it is a Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, Christian or fusion wedding, these questions are bound to arise as you want your day to be as perfect as possible.

By booking our team at Blissful Plans for luxury wedding planning and organisation, you will get: 

  • Turnkey wedding planning and management for destinations/venues personalised for your requirements
  • An Indian team with a local presence in the destination of your choice
  • True Indian touch to preserve the piety of our rituals and traditions in ceremonies – we have an Indian team to help
  • Authentic Indian cuisine to serve the flavours of home on a platter
  • The best-in-class photography, videography and entertainment options personalised for your family & friends
  • Complete aesthetic wedding design, planning and execution – You are free to ideate and we will meticulously execute!

Ultimately, the team handles all events as per your aspirations so that you can relax with a cocktail by the pool or dress up fabulously in that expensive lehenga you bought months in advance for the special day!

What You Can Expect...

Working with our team, you will be surprised by how strategically work is done.

In a few weeks, you may:

  • Discover discounted venues & benefits at premium and luxury 5-star hotels
  • Get a comprehensive timeline for turnkey wedding management milestones
  • Finalise your luxury venue to kickstart the wedding planning process
  • Confidently send out save the date/invitations and a personalised wedding website to your guests as per your chosen design aesthetic

If all of this sounds intriguing, tell us your plans for the big day!

But what about the high costs affiliated with these kinds of services?

What if you don’t get what you asked for? Will the suppliers be as good as promised? How do you handle communication internationally? How do we know you won’t go back on your word? How can I trust you?

Now, this is often what potential couples and their families fear.

Certainly, big investments such as those for your special day will make you think twice before making a decision. And our team completely understands that.

Which is why, you should know the following:

  • Though costs as variables depend mainly on the elaborateness of the wedding (number of days, premium rooms per guest, decor elements ordered and more), luxury weddings normally have basic costs associated with – 
  • If you’re worried about the legality of our services, you can simply find our details on the Indian & UK government’s website (linked here), so you can rest assured that our services are completely reliable.
  • We have a transparent contract that we first discuss with you and urge you to carefully read and understand before signing. This contract between Blissful Plans and its clients will be followed through until we render the promised services. 
  • Our suppliers are handpicked by the team and are integral members of our external team owing to their high-quality work. We have worked with them several times.
  • Communication gaps don’t exist – neither with you nor with the suppliers. The responsibilities are distributed well in advance to handle all crucial tasks. Working internationally, we are thoroughly prepared to handle in-person and digital communications in advance.

You are always free to plan your own wedding, however, will you forego the idea of your stress-free dream wedding, all handled by seasoned professionals?

In fact, if you are still unsure, we are here to answer any questions.

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