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A Maldives honeymoon is what every soon-to-be-married couple dreams of. The ultimate romantic destination, a tropical feast for the eyes, comes with relaxing choices to offer a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience. Whether it is from honeymoon packages in the Maldives or creating your own plan. Set your romantic affair on this heaven and relish the scenic views, underwater resorts, water riding, and much more.

honeymoon in Maldives

With its overwater villas, clear blue waters, and diverse flora and fauna- the country has the best to offer. Think seafood, delectable international cuisine, or a personalized platter and it will all be done. With relaxing holiday packages and romantic candlelight dinner arrangements by the beach, you will never feel like leaving this paradise.

This article covers all the information you need to plan a memorable honeymoon stay in the Maldives. Read on further to know exactly what honeymoon goers demand and what you’ll need to know before you catch that flight.

Suitable Climate For A Honeymoon in the Maldives

One of the few destinations you can visit all year round! The Maldives offers international flights from around the globe. Although it has a wet and dry season to plan a visit. There are no rules laid in concrete here as you can still visit the island nation at any time of the year.

January-March: The dry season with very little chance of rain.

May-November: Although it seldom rains heavily here, these are the times when it can rain. If you’re worried about outdoor celebrations or parties you need not worry as indoor venue facilities are usually just as great. About 5 to 10 inches of precipitation is usually seen monthly with often strong winds around this time. 

If you look at the beginning of the wet season, it is quite bearable as it hardly rains and when it does, it is very light and brief. So, it won’t be a huge obstacle to plan a honeymoon or any activities around that time.

Further, it’s the costliest to visit around November to April. It is the peak season where you’ll often encounter other honeymoon couples lounging around, soaking in the warm sunshine.

Things to know

honeymoon packages in Maldives

The Dress Code: A very popular honeymoon destination where couples throng from the west, people wear a variety of clothes in the country.

In popular tourist destinations, often with beach areas privately owned by resorts, people wear whatever they prefer to including bathing suits and bikinis. To be respectful of local rules and culture. It is preferred if you cover up your shoulders and avoid see-through clothing in public areas frequented by the natives.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid topless sunbathing or nudity as the latter is against the law and can cause problems indeed.

Maldives honeymoon

The dressing style is usually relaxed and casual, with people donning a variety of comfortable clothing. You might prefer to check the local dress and rules before visiting lesser-visited tourist destinations or islands.

How Long Should Your Maldives Honeymoon Be?

This will depend upon your requirement for a vacation and how much time you need to relax before returning to your routine life. Although people stay for at least a week, you’ll find most couples from the west lounging on the beach for a few weeks. If you’re looking to explore the nooks and crannies of the whole country. You could dedicate a month or even more!

Cost of A Honeymoon In The Maldives: Honeymoon Packages

An average honeymoon in the Maldives islands can range from $3,000-5,500 or more. That is depending on the time of your visit, airline costs, hotel tariff, spending patterns, and more. People often visit for weeks to months and make alternate stay arrangements. This will depend on your preference for luxurious amenities offered by the top resorts.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages & Costs: 

Other tips: We would recommend checking the Visa requirements as per your nationality, on the official embassy website of Maldives here.

Also, pay attention to national holidays before you plan- some things might be closed around that time, though this will not pose a major problem.

Best Maldives honeymoon resorts in 2021: 

1) Paradise Island

9 kilometers from the Velana International Airport, you can easily reach this luxury resort (by speedboat of course!). With a variety of lavish services, this resort can fulfill your every honeymoon requirement. Surrounded by greenery and the azure blue seas as far as the eyes can look, the Paradise Island resort offers water, a jacuzzi, and beach-pool villas to choose from.

Take a look at their relaxing services and luxurious amenities, strategically built in a splendid location: 


2. Meeru island

A 55-minute speedboat ride from the Velana airport, the Meeru island resort is another unmissable option. One of the top resorts in the Maldives islands, they offer great cuisine coupled with warm, hospitable service. 

Check out their location and amenities here:

3) Kurumba Resort

A promising resort that offers a fascinating staycation, Kurumba is ideal for nature-loving couples. Surrounded by all sides with heavy greenery, the considerably wide variety of flora and fauna is bound to flood you with joy. 

Named after a local tribe, Kurumba has a touch of native culture, for those looking to experience the true Maldives.

4. Eriyadu Resort

 42 kilometers from the airport, the island is surrounded by a white sandy strip that further merges with the rich blue waves. With a plethora of facilities available, you might never need to leave the resort. Eriyadu not only provides relaxing wellness services but adventurous activities as well- a perfect Maldives honeymoon for adventure and luxury lovers.

5. Summer Island

 With the endless luxurious services they offer, you will never get bored! Whether it is a romantic dinner with your partner on the beach, sailing or diving plans of your own, or simply sunbathing at the beach, they have something for everyone.

honeymoon packages in Maldives

To experience the true tropical islands of the Maldives, summer island is the place to visit. It’s a good idea to go for honeymoon packages here (or anywhere in the Maldives) as it wouldn’t be too wise to miss out on their amazing services.

6. Sheraton Hotel

 Another luxury hotel just 20 minutes from the airport, Sheraton is a name well-known worldwide. With a plethora of relaxing services and leisure amenities, you will be given whatever you seek indeed. From adventure sports, to calm sunbathing at the serene beach. You can truly relax, soak in and enjoy the placid nature of tropical life.

The Maldives is truly a splendid and wondrous spot to spend some romantic and quality time with your better half. The turquoise waters and the beachfront resorts, the picturesque views, the pleasant ambiance, and much more adds to the beauty of this tiny winy island for lovers. Hence, you may also opt for a destination wedding in the Maldives followed by a fun-filled, romantic honeymoon with your partner as well. Check out all the information you need to plan a stunning destination wedding in the Maldives.

Alternatively, you can contact our team of wedding planners, designers, and honeymoon package curators at Blissful Plans to sort this out for you.

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