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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How early should we start wedding planning? 

As you must have heard, “time flies”. It’s best to make use of all the time you have available. The amount of time required will be directly proportionate to the lavishness of your wedding. Usually people start 1-1.5 years in advance and in case of smaller, intimate gatherings planning within a year (or 6 months) is possible. However, you can get huge discounts and negotiated rates with the venue of your choice when booked well in advance.

  • What is the need and purpose of a wedding design & planning company?

A wedding planner usually plans and guides you when it comes to planning a wedding (and other ceremonies). At Blissful Plans however, our focus goes beyond simply planning and providing guidance. Our aim is to turn the vision for your dream wedding/event into reality. As an event conceptualization and design company our main focus is on the aesthetic appeal, design, budget building, in-depth organisation, production from scratch, set establishment and decoration, florals and decor, theme building and overall design alignment and more. If you need a tasteful and elegant celebration, where everything is taken complete care of, then it is best to approach professional planners with a knack for aesthetics.

  • Why should we hire you instead of other planners?

USP is to make your big day extra special by incorporating an experience of extravagance. We understand how important your wedding is to you and aim to highlight its personal and cultural significance by producing and setting up extraordinary designs with well-structured sets and an overall elaborate wedding conceptualisation from start to finish.

As a team of professional planners, we have an eye for luxury, enhancing and sourcing premium services, producing intricate designs, access to well-established vendor networks and exceptional wedding venues across the globe- these combined services are seldom offered by planners at this level. Further, with focus on impeccable planning and an eye for detail, our team is qualified and boasts of professionals who have graduated with degrees in operations, management and design, and is headed by professional designers with over 10 years of experience.

  • How much control will I have over my wedding if I hire you? 

You have complete control over every single thing. As planners and designers, our job is to understand your requirements and then produce exceptional work as per your desires. This means, every decision and step will be taken after your consultation and approval.

  • What is the scope of Blissful Plans?

Our scope of work is quite vast and you can select the services you wish to avail. These are:

  • Destination and venue finalization
  • Wedding budget finalization
  • Invitation management
  • Wedding stationary design and printing
  • RSVP
  • Hospitality and luxury services
  • Food & beverage selection and sourcing
  • Celebrity and entertainment management
  • Travel and logistics
  • Digital support
  • Vendor and hotel networks

Contact us at our email address (, for a detailed scope of work document and information about our services.

  • What is the difference between wedding design and planning?

A wedding design and conceptualization company will keep the aesthetic aspect in mind and focus extensively on the design, production and ingenuity of events. The company’s purpose is mainly from pre-wedding to post-wedding services ranging from planning, budgeting, conceptualization and design, travel and logistics, vendor and hotel networks in different destinations and more. 

A planner, however, will only focus on the planning and budgeting aspects while providing directions/ ensuring an alignment of all services with the preferred theme of their clients.

  • How many offices do you have? Do you have offices across different countries?

Our main offices are in the United States and India. We do not have offices in different countries where we often organise weddings, however, we have partnered with the best vendors in all these destinations.

These vendors are selected after a careful screening process which helps us determine the quality of their services. Further, to ensure seamless hosting of events, we usually tie-up and nurture relationships with partners we have already worked with in the past.

  • We live in another country/state, can you help plan with the same ease as would any other planner in our state/country?

Absolutely! We specialise in designing and conceptualizing destination weddings across the globe. This gives us plenty of experience and skills when it comes to planning events (with backup plans) to help you host your big day.

  • How do you expect to be paid?

All the payment terms are mentioned in the formal contract which is shared during the planning process.

  • If I wish to book you for my wedding, how should I proceed?

You can connect with us on Whatsapp (at +91 95607 88968) or send us an email (, one of our team members will respond to your email and fix up a call to discuss the process in detail. You will be guided and assisted at each stage. We know this can sound like a complex and tedious process, however, our support team will assist you at every stage.

  • Do your team members travel to coordinate?

In order to help bring your vision to life, we ensure that all our professionals, equipment and other requirements can be met in other countries. This means the required number of team members will travel to coordinate and design the most astounding celebrations of your life 🙂

  • How does your team take care of covid protocols?

In the light of the current situation, our aim is to adhere to the laws of all countries, COVID protocols and regulations. We have well-trained team members who follow the SOPs laid out by medical and legal authorities across the globe.

  • Do you have a tie up with resorts and venues?

Yes, we have several tie-ups with luxury resorts, hotels and villas for a lavish stay for your guests. We also have well-established vendor networks across the globe. Further, we have tied up with tourism agencies of various countries, this allows us to access special support, discounts and aid from these agencies (and the country you’re visiting). 


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