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What is Search Engine Optimized Content?

Our content writing services are not just for simple content but we deliver SEO content.

SEO is a word being tossed around in digital marketing a lot recently. Let us first discuss what SEO and what content writing is separately. Any content on the web created with an aim to attract viewers and increase traffic on the web page is called an SEO content. The methods and tactics of writing useful content has evolved since Google started rolling out more and more updates.

The first thing necessary to attract Google’s attention towards your webpage and have a higher ranking is to focus on Google’s ranking algorithm. This will increase the number of clients or customers landing on your online business website.

You can easily achieve this once you start writing unique and fresh content that keeps your readers engaged. At the same time, the use of specified keywords should also be perfected. This will allow other people to promote it on social media platforms. As a result, the authority and relevance of your content will increase for Google for the selected keywords and thus you will have an improved ranking. In short, a good SEO content will help you target your customers and answer their queries with a properly crafted content.

Types of SEO Content we deliver

  • Product Pages

    A product page is the most essential part of an e-commerce site and can serve both as an SEO content and a PPC landing.

  • Blog Posts

    If you're new to SEO, you can start by creating blogs the easiest way to wrap your head around it. They are more engaging and flexible and help attract more people and help bring authority for your site.

  • Slideshows

    A slideshow is an easier way of writing/displaying content if it is for a more visual consumption. However, the SEO title, captions, image file names, and so on should be written carefully as it already has very little that has to be read.

  • Videos

    Since there are fewer videos for a specific keyword than a text on the internet, it's very easy to get a higher ranking for such pages. Hence it's always a good idea to create content related to your product to attract viewers. It is also important to include a text transcript for your video.

  • Articles

    This can be anything from a news article, interview to a feature piece on a newspaper or magazine-style website.

  • Lists

    This is the kind of article that is sort into a list, making it more readable and easier to scan. More people click on an article in search results or social media feeds if it is in a form of a list.

  • Guides

    A guide is more of a how-to-do article. It can be broken up into multiple web pages, however, it's best to view the entire content on a single page. You can upload a full guide or just a summary of it with a registration link to view the entire guide. However, a registration link will likely reduce the SEO traffic on your page.

  • Infographics

    This is a long article with lots of graphs and charts to make you understand the content more easily. Although it's important to carefully optimise the page as most of the content lies in the image which is not readable as text search.

  • Glossaries

    Glossaries full of terms related to the industry you specialise in could be a great way to attract traffic.

  • Directories

    A taxonomy of resources, or links around a given topic is called a directory.

Why is unique content important?

A unique content is an important factor for an effective SEO campaign and we pay attention when a client hires us for content writing services.

 If done carefully, it won’t be very difficult to obtain high rankings in the SERPs. However, a badly optimised content will ensure that the website plummets down to a seemingly unrecoverable absence from the first few pages of the search results.

As said earlier, consistency is the key. If you keep creating high quality, unique SEO optimised content, Google will immediately rank you higher than your competitors in the search results. It will consider your site dynamic if you at least even regularly post something. The easiest way to do it is through blogs. These allow you to get your company mission across in a way that’s conversational, instructive and, something that has become very important, share-worthy. Pages are ranked based on how useful, relevant and easy to read they are. Hence it is imperative to focus on the same. If your content has additional information, is precisely long, you’re more likely to feature on the SERPs.

However, creating a unique content for Google doesn’t require you to write highly intellectual or difficult to understand sentences. What the readers want is to have something that is quick, clear and honest. This is something that works as a good marketing tool.

What do we offer in content writing services?

Creating good and unique content for your website has become increasingly necessary as Google becomes smarter with each passing day. It can easily recognise plagiarism and decrease your ranking. We make sure that every article we create is especially for your needs by our professional writers. We also help you emphasise on SEO which helps you rank higher on SERPs. The lucid and visual content that we provide will ensure that your digital presence makes every bit count.

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Aspects of SEO optimized content?

In order to create a unique SEO optimised content, it is imperative that the content is appealing to your visitors. A unique content on your webpage is ensured if it meets some of the following factors:

Meaningful and

Make sure that the content is relevant to its users. Help them what they are looking for easily. For internal linking, include topics that are related to the current topic. If they like your content, it is more likely that they will click through the relevant CTAs.

Long-form and includes long-tail keywords and phrases

It is usually seen that a long form content is more valuable and is more likely to be shared on social media platforms. It is easier to include keywords and search phrases more naturally in such a content. This also helps them rank higher in the SERPs.


If your content includes more photos, podcasts and videos, rather than just some plain text, it will feel more engaging and interesting to your readers. You can easily break up a long boring text into bite size sentions by inserting eye-catching media in between them.

Easy to read

The content should have a simple layout that enables skimming. This can easily by done by incorporating subheadings. It helps them conclude which part is important/interesting to them. Your text should also be error free and proofread multiple times.

What do we do in delivering good content?

The first steps to write an optimised SEO content starts with the following factors. We make sure to keep these things in mind while curating content for your website. A good SEO optimised content is easily identifiable by Google and help increase traffic on your web page while consistently creating an optimised article will increase the trust Google has for your website. Thus, explaining how necessary it is. Let’s start with the first one.

  • High-quality content:
  • Proper Designing:
  • We help you create the appropriate content for your readers:
  • The right keyword choice is very necessary:
  • Other important things that we help you with:

A high quality content is the one that caters to the needs of your audience. It is done by understanding the needs of what users expect from your product, and providing direct answers to them using the right keywords.

 is based on an understanding of your audience, as well as keyword and user intent research. Use your audience’s language, and provide the information they’re actually looking for. That is to say, it's better to start a long (1000+ words) content as it tends to be more thorough hence increasing the ranking on Google. This helps the reader complete the task they were looking for easily. When you know the user's journey, you can easily focus on what could be more attention seeking and help them with what they want.

Designing means writing your content with respect to the viewer. For a good SEO optimised content, the reading should be simple and must consist of less fancy words. The document should be easier to skim and scan. We achieve this by using short paragraphs, callouts, bold texts, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes and so on. Using strong H1s and strong titles are also the key to better-optimised SEO content. The titles should be enticing and clickable. Have your content feature ideal results, common objections and/or time frames in subheaders. If you focus on what your audience is hoping to read, it will be easier to design content with respect to that.

Making the web page easier to share by providing social media buttons is also important. The service helps you help you spy out the competition and review whether your page ranks high on SERPs or not

We help you create content that is easier to read by your readers. It should be free of any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Proofread the content as many times it is necessary. Moreover, get a good source of information, rather than copying what others say. It might help your site become more trustworthy.

Although keywords are extremely important, it is not a very good idea to stuff your entire content with it. Find all the keywords in your content and if it looks oversaturated use alternatives, abbreviations or keyword synonyms. Google does a good job of understanding related terms. Hence, using them will be actually beneficial for your site.

Organizing your thematic subsections by primary keyword is also important. Keep the target keyword toward the front of your title and/or H1. Also try to use keywords in image text, image titles, alt text and captions. These are strategic places for descriptive language. We help you place your keywords in a more naturalistic way rather than making it looked forced.

We make sure that the content is easier to load. Otherwise, will decrease traffic on your page. The site's performance is mostly slowed down by images and other media files.

We also make sure that the site is mobile friendly. In doing so, Google will prefer your web page over others. We can easily achieve this by making sure that the site uses a responsive design. It is also necessary to check whether the CTAs are tappable in the content, images are center-aligned and so on.

We help you include the page on the site's XML sitemap. This helps Google to crawl easily through your content and find the answers.

Internal linking in your text is necessary. We make sure that they are relevant to the text and use keyword-based anchor text as possible/appropriate.

Making shorter URLs is also important to up your SEO game in content writing. Top ranking pages have an average of 59 characters long URL.

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