Checklist for wedding planning

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Wedding is not only a congruence of two souls, but it is also a platter of moments which can be cherished for many years to come. Definitely, it’s an occasion where we would not accept anything short of perfection. Yes, we wish and desire a wedding event, that is picture-perfect. But, is it something which is so simple? The answer is, no it’s not. Planning or designing a fairy tale wedding is not a cake walk, especially if it’s  an Indian wedding. We have endless customs to follow, invitations to make, families & guests to look after, food, return gifts, decoration, music and much more has to be taken care of. What if any of these go wrong? Simple, the event of your lifetime gets ruined. We know that wedding planning is not an easy job, that is the reason we are helping you with the checklist for wedding planning, and this would be something which you can confirm with your wedding planner.

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✓ One of the most tedious tasks of any wedding is preparing the guest list. You need to decide who is in and who is out. It might not be a simple task since at the end of the day you might feel like inviting everyone who is associated with you. But, somewhere down the line, you know that it is not a feasible option and you need to filter the guests while creating the final list. This whole activity requires thorough planning and some in-depth brain storming because you would not want to annoy someone who is much closer to you.

✓ You have a budget. You have the guest list. You have started planning early, and you are aware of the pee-requisites. So, what else should have in your checklist? Nothing more, except for one single thing which can set up your wedding event completely. You need to engage a good wedding management company. You should definitely have this in your list, as a good wedding planner shall make the event  a memorable affair to remember. Event planners with expertise in destination weddings or luxury weddings shall be an one stop solution to all your planning woes. The best destination wedding planner will help you finalizing the venue, caterer, menu, decor, theme, all logistics and the list is endless. Once you discuss your budget along with your requirements, the onus lies on the wedding planner to execute the fairy tale event.

Selecting the best wedding planner could be a difficult task. If you are looking for the perfect option, then do visit us today at We offer end to end event management for all kinds of events, including the wedding events. We will make your wedding a spectacular luxury wedding and give you the best options if you are looking for a destination wedding anywhere across the globe.

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