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Wedding Case Studies

1. When faced with a time crunch and culturally different families

An NRI wedding was to be conducted for the groom Srikanth (from Tamil Nadu, India) and Kavya (New Delhi, India). The wedding date had been fixed for 5th of December 2019 in Anantara, Sri Lanka, yet the couple approached us in September, mere months before the big day!

The wedding was bound by cultural differences of North and South India, alongside traditional practices and rituals which were deeply personal to both sides of the family. Not only selecting a middle ground was important, but it was also crucial to take into account their guests from the United States. With domestic and international differences, the couple desired to make it a jolly affair for everyone along with keeping both families happy.

However, this was a task, keeping in mind the language differences and personal preferences of the families. Months before the wedding, Srikanth and Kavya approached us for managing their wedding and assisting them with decision making. Moreover, they had 180 people and lacked the experience and knowledge of coordinating and conceptualising weddings. The impending planning was a major hassle due to the time crunch they were facing.

We took this responsibility on board and took the following steps:

  • Assigned coordinators from our team to each side of the family to bridge communication gaps
  • Took meticulous notes proactively to ensure everyone was heard in the chaos
  • Suggested out-of-the-box ideas while assuring them that significant rituals and ceremonies will be held with great pomp

The wedding was planned swiftly and our expertise and vendor networks saved heaps of time and stress for the couple.

The luxury resort was not only hospitable and respectful to Indian traditions, but Anantara’s beach ceremony was also a delight for guests from all parts of the country as well as Srikanth’s American friends and colleagues.

We added fun activities and photoshoots to add an element of jubilance throughout the wedding which made the overall atmosphere glorious and fun.

anantara wedding ceremony

2. Eco-friendly Celebrations

A big industrialist from Moradabad wished to organise a destination wedding in Jim Corbett on the 7th of January, 2019, for his daughter who was getting married to an exporter based in Ludhiana. The industrialist wished to have a grand wedding while upholding his image in society. However, the daughter wanted an elegant, rustic look. 

Our team suggested they host an eco-friendly rustic wedding that not only aligned with the daughter’s desires but also met the father’s conditions. The eco-friendly wedding was a significantly socially responsible step towards waste management and reducing environmental impact and also helped us give them the exact aesthetic look the family was seeking.

Furthermore, as the cuisine was of great importance to both families, we went for separate catering arrangements of vendors who specialised in delicious Punjabi and Uttar Pradesh based cuisines. People were offered a mouth-watering range of desserts, starters and main dishes to choose from.

Thus, our team arranged the seating plan, the right musical vibe, eco-friendly decor, fairy lights and rustic furniture with personalised wedding favours for all to add the right classy touch.

3. Nation specific ceremonies with specific rituals

James and Madeleine wanted to host a destination wedding in Bali in May 2019. They lived in Australia but frequented Bali due to its close proximity. Further, they wanted to host a Christian wedding ceremony on an isolated island, away from tourists.


For hosting an intimate ceremony, they contacted our team.


We understood their needs and tried to look at their requirements and ceremonious religious-specific needs. One of them was the unity bowl ceremony, quite unheard of in most parts of the world! 


Our team helped organise the wedding on their chosen day, in collaboration with one of the best resorts. The wedding was hosted during the day while the dance, music and dinner continued till late evening at Sheraton, Lombok Island. This not only comprised Australian customs and songs but breezy beachside arrangements for the guests too.

Sheraton, Lombok decorated for the wedding with Balinese and Australian performances
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