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If you have been engaged in quarantine, or wish to spend next to nothing in getting engagement pictures clicked, there is no better alternative to at- home engagement photo shoot. While they sound very plaintive, you can make them exciting and grand by tweaking some aspects of your home space, décor and clothing

If you are newly engaged, congratulations! Agreeing to spend the rest of your life with the person you love is a truly magical feeling. You surely must be on the top of the moon! While it is not compulsory to share these happy turn of events on your social media, there is nothing wrong in wanting to announce your happiness to the world. And what better way to do that, than joyous pictures.


WHY Home Engagement Photo Shoot

You might be feeling very restricted by the idea of an at-home engagement photo shoot. After going through several posts on Instagram or that IGTV video that featured an engagement in front of the Eiffel Tower, celebrating your union in a simple place like home might sound ridiculous.

However, an at-Home Engagement  Photo shoot can help you save the money that you can then put into organizing a grander wedding. In current circumstances, social distancing is the norm and it is impossible to fly off to France on a whim. But that should not keep you from celebrating your special day.

Lastly, if you are going for a very intimate wedding with only close friends and family, it is only normal to pair it up with a simpler engagement photo shoot. It helps in typing up all the themes that you wish to represent in your wedding.


There are certain ways in which you can prepare for an at-home photo shoot.

  1. Engagement Clean

If you can clean your house thoroughly for something like spring that comes every year, you surely can clean your entire house to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime milestone. Be sure to cover all the areas that have barren walls and colourful displays, as you are most likely to get your pictures there.

This is also a good opportunity to clean, generally, and keep inventory of everything you have at home and everything you wish to give away. It will help you move one step ahead in getting to that fresh starts that a married life warrants.


  1. Décor for Home Engagement Photo Shoot

This might be the most exciting part of the journey of an at-home engagement photo shoot. Give your Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year décor a new life by bringing out all those lights, trees and trinkets. Look for a niche in your house that is perfect for a photo shoot, and get decorating!

home photoshoot

The added advantage of this activity is the bonding time you get with your partner while setting up your area.

  1. Camera

There are many photographers who offer to do at-home photo shoots. It really helps cut down your budget. One such service can be found at If you have a photographer in mind, your camera services are well accounted for.

However, if you are reading this in quarantine, you cannot hire a photographer to assist you. In that case, your Canon, Nikon or iPhone camera will have to suffice. There is no need to worry! These are amazing models to click your engagement pictures with. If you have any camera, it is the best way to go. The second-best pick would be the iPhone.

TIP: Creating a tripod

home engagement photo shoot

You will want a steady base to set your auto-timed camera to click hose perfect photos. If you dabble in media and own a tripod, great! You can set it up as you like. However, if you do not own any supporting equipment for your camera, time to conjure every household item at your disposal! Let’s build a tripod.

If you are a voracious reader, I would suggest hardbound, thick classics. They make for a really sturdy base that you can set upon the highest coffee table you have.

To capture different angles, you can take the help of your ceiling fan. Set the camera on recording. Tie it to your stationary fan or chandelier with a cotton or Turkish towel. Stand beneath the camera and pose differently every five seconds.

Later, you can retrieve this footage and take a snapshot of the poses you want to keep, in your engagement photo shoot diary.

  1. Theme for Home Engagement Photo shoot

A person’s home is very indicative of their likes and dislikes. If you are a board game fanatic, you will have several boards like Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life etc. You can hang these boards artistically in the background of your photo shoot area to capture that comfortable, homely feeling of a board game, in your pictures.

You can also go for a uniform theme with a sprinkle of lights and curtains that you have removed from their original pegs, to set them as a background for your pictures.

themed photographer

  1. Smile

Last, but not the least, be yourself. This is your home that you are shooting in. You have successfully managed to escape the scrutiny and commands of professional photographers. You have captured your magical moment on your terms.

At-home photo shoots are anything but a bad idea. The financial, mental, creative and personal freedom provided to you while getting your own shots done is exhilarating. You might fall in love with the process so much that you will want to plan your wedding all by yourself!


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